Ah Spring! The season for new beginnings, sporadic weather, and allergies galore. It honestly is one of my favorite seasons here in Oregon. While the weather can tend to be a gamble when trying to make plans, it can also be one of the best times of year to explore all that our beautiful state can offer. Between the glowing flowers blooming in the Gorge and the warm sunshine of the coast, it can be hard to pick where to kick off this beautiful season. Here at Active Family, we all have a favorite spot to run off to appreciate this season!

“One of my favorite places to go during the first beginning of spring is Vista Point in the Gorge. While it may be a little chilly up there with the wind, it is such a beautiful spot to overlook the breath-taking view of our little corner of the world. The flowers blooming in the trees and the sweet fragrance on the wind is always calming for my soul. And if Oregon is feeling generous, my friends and I love to do a day trip to the Coast to get some much needed sea air and Clam Chowder.”


“All winter long my 3 year old has been begging to go camping. So, last weekend of March Spring Break, and 25 weeks pregnant (may I add), her and I went camping for a night with her Aunt, Uncle, and cousin. We went down to Newport, it was beautiful and just a little chilly with the wind, the crabbing was so-so, but we had a nice clear weekend to enjoy. When you can get those random beautifully hot days in spring, and early trip to the coast or Hood River is wonderful for the kids to play in the sun and the adults to just bask in the warmth and enjoy a moment of not having to entertain our children and just let nature be the big show.”

– Abigail

“There is something calming and grounding when you step out onto the shore of the Oregon Coast as you watch the waves come in. With my children’s laughter echoing around me and the sea air billowing around us, you can get lost in the magic around you. If you’re looking for something a little closer, Kane Park on Kane Drive is a favorite of my kids. When the sun is shining, it is a great place for all of us to get a good source of Vitamin D and for the littles to get all of their energy out.”

–Dr. Waggoner.