“Backpack Fashion” photo by Jens Rost is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Do you know all 10 Backpack Tips?

Like it or not, it’s almost back to school time.  You may be shopping for a backpack for your school aged child.  Backpacks are helpful for transferring items to and from school, but if packed and carried the wrong way they can hurt your back, shoulders, and neck.  Here are some tips for choosing and wearing a backpack for the year.

Top 10 Backpack Tips

  1. Choose a backpack with wide, padded shoulders.
  2. Choose a backpack with a waist belt if possible and the strap should be above the iliac crest.
  3. Place heavy items closer to your back.
  4. Remove unnecessary items regularly.
  5. Place small and odd shaped items in the outside pocket to avoid poking your back.
  6. Carry extra books and lunches in your hand.
  7. Lift backpack onto a table or desk using your knees to lift, and then put it on your back.
  8. Adjust the straps so that the bottom of the pack lies in the curve of the lower back.
  9. The waist strap should redistribute 50-70% of the bags weight from the upper back to the pelvis.
  10. Elementary school student backpacks should not exceed 10% of the body weight.  Junior and senior high school students should not exceed 15%

Now is a great time to call and schedule to get your child a chiropractic appointment for back to school.  We look forward to see you soon.