Gresham GreyWolves

As many of you know, Gresham has a summer college baseball team called the Gresham GreyWolves. They are a part of the prestigious West Coast League and they played their 2nd season at Oslund Field at Mt Hood Community College this summer. College players come from all over the country to gain valuable experience in summer leagues like this one. This was also Dr. Waggoner’s 2nd summer as their athletic trainer and team doctor.

Chiropractic Care and Baseball Testimonies

As many baseball players will tell you, there can be a lot of consistent asymmetrical movements in baseball. As you can well imagine, sore shoulders and elbows in the throwing arm are the most common injuries seen in baseball as well as softball. It’s important to get treatment when these injuries show up and not just brush them off. Carter Buuck (Linfield College) shared about his arm pain. “I began have excruciating pain in my shoulder to a point where I was barely even capable of picking up a baseball. I feel that chiropractic helped me recover quickly. Massage was helpful because it allowed me to get ready to play every day by loosening up my shoulder and getting me ready to go before I even got to the field.”

Post Surgery Treatment

Don’t forget about treatment after surgery. RJ Teijeiro (UCLA) had a labrum surgery about 9 months before the summer season started. “I was able to stay healthy for summer baseball in Gresham with the help of the staff and experienced relief from some of the pain I had previously been experiencing.” He also shared about how doing some simple massage and stretching, along with some acupuncture, helped him make progress in his rehab throwing program.

Areas to Treat

Shoulders and elbows aren’t the only things that hurt though. You also need a strong back, core and legs for baseball. Jordan Barchus (Univ. of San Francisco) says, “I sought chiropractic services to relieve stress in my back and hips to allow me to play to my full potential again.” Tony Gudino (UC Riverside) came in for treatment for leg soreness. “The massage helped me by putting pressure in the focal points in which my legs were sore. The following days after the massage my legs felt as if they were recently bought.”

Injury Prevention

And don’t forget about injury prevention! Zak Baayoun (Long Beach State) came in for some tightness in his shoulder and back. “The chiropractor helped loosen me up and get me ready to play in my next game with no discomfort. It was a very good and helpful experience that I would recommend to any athlete in need of relief.” Another player also shared, “I believe it’s good to get treatment even if you are not injured. You may not be feeling a lot of pain, but treatment can help with the overall performance of your body.”

If you have a sports injury you would like to discuss with Dr. Waggoner, give us a call!!