Does it surprise you that to hear that chiropractic for kids and babies can be beneficial?

Babies just a few minutes old can be adjusted!

Birth, even if it is the most natural possible, is one of the most traumatic processes a body can go through. The baby is in the uterus, usually in one position, for several weeks in a very constricted area which can lead to issues with the neck and pelvis. Then the baby experiences birth which can cause extreme stress to the body.

If the baby goes through the birth canal or is born through a Caesarean Section, there is incredible force to the cranium which can cause a need for chiropractic and craniosacral care. If interventions such as vacuum or forceps are needed, the need will be even greater.

If your child displays any of these issues, you have a good reason to visit your chiropractor.

• Colic
• Acid reflux
• Constipation
• Ear infections
• Sleep disorders
• Torticollis (usually develops around 3-4 months old)
• Difficulty nursing (not latching, pain with latching, not wanting to nurse on both sides)

As your infant grows, they start learning how to operate their bodies; holding up their heads, rolling, sitting, crawling, pulling to a stand, and walking. All these activities can put stress on the spine and nervous system and these important milestones are when the curves of our spine develop. These activities can also cause falls on their backside which can lead to spinal disturbance.

A person’s spine grows 50% of its length in the first year of life and the brain will grow 65% of its lifetime growth in the first year as well. With the brain and spinal cord growing so fast, you need to take care of it. The brain and the spinal cord comprise the child’s nervous system which is responsible for many important functions.

As your child grows, periodic chiropractic checkups are important for your child’s growing spine. It has been shown that children that have had consistent chiropractic care have healthier immune systems. They are sick less and when they get sick, tend to be able to fight it off quicker.

Spinal disturbance and misalignment can lead to constipation, functional scoliosis, sleep disorders, bedwetting, asthma, digestive problems, recurrent ear infections, growing pains, and common colds. Getting frequent care can also help with symptoms of ADD/ADHD, autism, and other sensory processing disorders.

What can you expect from an appointment for your child

Dr. Michelle Chard has had extensive training in treating babies, children, pregnant women, and families. She is certified from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association in family wellness and is trained in craniosacral therapy by the Barral Institute.

Dr. Chard will take an extensive history of your child and do a thorough physical exam in order to come up with an appropriate treatment plan tailored toward your child. When it is time for treatment, Dr. Chard will explain everything that needs to be done and then perform specialized adjustments tailored for children. Often, all that is needed is fingertip pressure on the spine. Occasionally, a chiropractic adjustment will make a popping noise that we refer to as “popcorn”. However, this is not always heard and is not necessary for a good adjustment.

When should you bring your child in:

1. Within the first few weeks of life
2. At major milestones
3. If your child has any of the above issues (may lead to more frequent visits)
4. With any sickness
5. Once a month to every two months for general wellness after the first year of life
6. Any trauma (falls, automobile accidents)
7. Any imbalances (neck tilt, not crawling in cross crawl)
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