Welcome to the crazy weather of autumn in Oregon! Be prepared with your rain boots, chunky sweaters, and blanket sized scarves for the torrential downpour that may happen any time you step outside, but will clear to sunny blue skies when you arrive at your destination. Pumpkin spice has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, and crunchy leaves are underfoot while children jump in “muddy” puddles.

To celebrate, here are some of our staff’s favorites about fall:

Chai!! So much coziness in one cup, I want to curl up on my couch in an over-sized sweater, look out my back window at the poor squirrels hunting about for their hard hidden treasures that were dug up and stolen by our neighborhood crows. Try a chai from Townshend’s Tea Company (choose from many varieties) in Montavilla for some locally crafted chai, this is my bookclubs go-to spot year round! –Abigail

My favorite thing about fall is the turning of the leaves. My family will be the first to tell you that I don’t “oooh and aaah” much over nature, but the turning of the leaves is different. The beautiful golds, oranges, reds that line streets as you drive by bring a smile to my face. When I drive my daughter to gymnastics on Troutdale Road, there is a row of trees between Stark and 17th that takes my breath away. –Dr. Waggoner

I love autumn like Oprah loves bread. When summer ends and fall makes its comeback, I get so excited, that I jump around in puddles and dance in the rain. Gray skies and clouds are my sunshine. When it’s cold enough outside that I can comfortably wear my cozy clothes and cuddle up with my hot cup of tea, I feel like I am experiencing a little piece of heaven. Summer has died and life is good again. –Rebecca

I remember an old commercial from the makers of Surge (a terrible tasting Mountain Dew rip-off) where a group of college aged adults run up a giant muddy hill in the rain.  The ultimate game of king of the hill, in the rain, where the prize is a can of soda.  I always picture myself doing stuff like that in the fall.  The reality is I stay inside mostly and make more soup.  I try my hardest to avoid raking leaves.  I hate doing things that become pointless a day later.  Oh, and Football!! –Tim

Fall is by far my favorite time of year because it is the perfect time to bundle up and look at all of the beautiful colors in our local parks. I always grab my favorite fall drink (Hazelnut Latte) from Café Delirium and just walk around Downtown. The days seem to have brighter colors and the crisp air just wakes me right up. It’s the perfect time to snuggle up by the fire with a good book for some relaxation. –Jessie