Not only are houseplants a way to bring about a comfy nature feel and some beautiful greenery to your home, the aesthetics aside, they are just good for you! Adding some oxygen to the air, keeping the house climate cooler, increasing humidity and reducing airborne dust particles. NASA ran a study in the late 1980’s looking for ways to use houseplants to help purify the air in space facilities, the results of which are also beneficial for your home here on earth!

Houseplants can act as natural air purifiers, filtering out toxins and helping to clean the air. Just be careful of any animals or little ones who like to get into plants or may eat them as some may be poisonous to consume. These plants help to improve the air quality by giving off high levels of oxygen and filtering out allergens or other toxins.

Here are some of our favorites that are *nearly impossible to kill:

Spider plants: I was given one of these, and despite being told they are not good for cats, my cat kept eating it! It would grow a little baby plant and my cat would eat it down to the soil. I moved that plant all over my house, and did my best to cat proof it, but she would hunt it down with her cat ninja skills and destroy it. I finally gave up and re homed it. But someday, maybe I’ll find the perfect spot that my cat can’t access. Or she will get old and die. Whichever comes first.

Snake plant: This is my favorite. They are just pretty with the light streaks running up the leaves and grow so easily. I had one, and now I have three! Also known as “Mother in Law’s tongue” they are tough to kill. Just give them a nice light source and water them once in a while (or maybe more than that)  

Dracaena: you may notice that we have one of these in our office lobby. And that alone is a great testament to how hard they are to kill!

Fiddle Leaf: I just love these, they are big and beautiful and dramatic. They make any room seem tropical and often grace the pages of many magazine shoots. Disclaimer, they can be a little finicky to keep alive, they need a good unfiltered light source and thrive best in warm and wet climates. But once acclimated, they will thrive and can grow as tall as 6 feet! Keep it by a nice big window, and turn it once in awhile to allow it to grow evenly and not lean.

Boston Fern: Ferns are very 90’s, they remind me of my moms house decorating style in the early 90’s. Every doctor’s office and building lobby. But, the 90’s are coming back guys. Platform sneakers, floral sundresses, and hair scrunchies. Overalls, Adidas slides, and plaid shirts tied around your waist. And ferns. Let’s do it people, let’s bring ferns back. Their good for you, like avocado toast.

Bamboo plant: I’ve heard that they a considered bad luck unless they are given as a gift. Either way they are terrible outside due to their deep roots, ability to grow through almost anything, and invasive nature. But as indoor plants they are adorable and easy! Lots of water and the right kind of lighting and you can have an indoor bamboo forest.

Chinese Evergreen: If you don’t want too much dark green, this plant is perfect with its bright variegated leaves. Variegated plants are loved for the two-toned or multicolored leaves. Without being a flowering plant, these will help brighten things up in your house.