Today as I drove back from lunch I glanced, as I always do, at a small building just tucked off the side of Division. Just behind a Chinese restaurant that I’ve always seen but never been, there sits Robin’s Walk-in-Closet. You would probably miss it if you drove by and weren’t looking for it, the large parking lot is the most noticeable, and often times they have strollers or large baby items sitting out front. Every week or holiday there is a new theme to the clothing hanging in the window advertising their family brand. This little resale shop, open for 26 years now, and run by mother and daughter, Gayle and Robin, are finally closing up their doors and retiring.

I glance at it every time I drive by, because for about 26 years my mother dressed my sister and I from there. And since then I’ve dressed my daughter occasionally from their racks, and just left this afternoon with another bag full for the next little babe due in July. I almost couldn’t believe it, seeing their shop clearing out, everything priced to go, and people milling around retelling stories of shopping there. I have such fond memories of many of my favorite pieces of clothing coming from there! The best fitting jeans, an avocado colored cardigan sweater that was cut just right with brassy buttons, and my daughters favorite gray fuzzy Hanna Andersson winter coat (only $4 guys!!!!!!). Friendly conversation, amazing prices, and reliably always there. Always asking how you are, and ready to talk about our local school baseball teams. I will sorely miss being able to dress any more future children from that shop.

Shops like Robin’s Walk-in-Closet bring about a warm fuzzy feeling that our local businesses and shops are more than profits, numbers, and pushing product. They are about quality service, quality experience, and a genuine welcome into our business dwellings. A care for the customer beyond our own means and profit.

Doctors Michelle Chard and Michelle Waggoner and our small team at Active Family Chiropractic are grateful to be able to provide the care that patients need. Patients getting in and being seen is our number one priority! We try hard to get people in the day they want, often the same day, and while massages book up quickly we are also always ready with a cancellation list to help people get in as soon as possible. We have our regulars, always ready to chat while we work on you, and if you bring a baby into our office be prepared for a bunch of googly eyed cooing to happen from our staff. The loyalty and kindness we have experienced from our patients we hope is met in kind from us.

Downtown Gresham is a beautiful and bustling center for a lot of Gresham local businesses. All of us thriving together and leaning on one another for support and encouragement. And on any given day you can easily find many of us along Main Street during our lunch break chowing down on a local burger, pad thai, or caramel popcorn. (p.s. iCandy Caramel Popcorn is a favorite around here)