Jolene has been practicing massage for over 6 years now, and is still technically a newlywed. She married her best friend in the spring of 2018, they love spending time with family and finding new activities together.

Favorite coffee or tea:

I really love good black tea, and the occasional coffee.

Favorite ice cream flavor:

My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate and vanilla swirl; I like to keep it simple.

Favorite type of massage or technique:  

I really enjoy anything that is efficient and functional, I often use focused work with movement during massage.

Fun fact about massage:

I love that every country has some unique form of touch therapy/massage.

If you could give someone one piece of advice to help their body:

Your body is a “soft machine” and a well-functioning machine needs regular maintenance. We maintain our cars and our homes, but how often do we proactively maintain our health?

Fun Fact about yourself or a past time/activity:

I took ballet lessons from grade school into high school and although I no longer dance, I love to attend the ballet and performing arts whenever possible.

Jolene is a full time LMT here at Active Family, she has her loyal following of patients, but always has openings for massage. Call now to book an appointment with Jolene!