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How much should I expect chiropractic to cost?

The cost associated with chiropractic care vary depending upon what services are being requested and performed and what insurance (if any) is involved.  Our fee schedule is based upon the Oregon Workers Compensation fee schedule.

If you do not have insurance for chiropractic care you may be eligible for a discount if you qualify for a financial hardship.  Please contact the office at 503-674-7894 with any questions concerning discounts and to get an explanation of charges.

We also have contracts with many major insurance companies that reduce our fees to a contracted amount.  When our office verifies your eligibility and benefits with your insurance company we are checking several things to help determine the final price.

  • Do you have coverage for chiropractic benefits?
  • Is there a deductible and does it have to be satisfied before the insurance company will pay?
  • Is there a copay? (Fixed amount that is charged every visit.)
  • Is there a coinsurance? (Your insurance pays a percentage and you pay the rest.)
  • Are there any limitations or excluded services

There are a variety of factors that affect the cost of chiropractic care.  Our staff will be happy to check your insurance for you.  Give us a call with your Insurance Company name, your ID#, your group #, and the provider services phone number often found on the back of your ID card.  We can check your benefit and help to explain some of the factors that determine the final price.

*Disclaimer: every time we call the insurance company we are given their standard disclaimer that sounds something like:

“Eligibility and benefits are not binding based up this call.  Actual benefits are determined based upon the terms and conditions of your plan at the time service is rendered.”

Basically, your benefits are spelled out in the plan document you received when you signed up for your insurance and any payments made are based upon the terms and conditions in the document and not upon any summaries given over the phone.  Our estimations of your cost is based upon verifying benefit coverage with your insurance company, however we don’t ultimate control how they handle claims processing and therefore we have to offer our own disclaimer:

“Your costs are estimated based upon an eligibility and benefits report done during the course of your treatment.  We can bill your insurance company on your behalf, but any payments made by your insurance company are made in accordance with the contract you have with them.  You are responsible for charges not covered by your insurance company.”

Our office staff will bill your claim promptly and work with you to get your claim paid in accordance with your coverage.  Give us a call at 503-674-7894 and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about your insurance coverage.