Pregnancy and Taping!

That fun colored or patterned kinesio tape that you may see on athletes can also be used for so many more things. At Active Family we use a wonderful brand that we have shared with you before, Rock Tape. One awesome use for Rock Tape that most of you may or may not know about, is using it during pregnancy.

It can

  • Relieve pain and discomfort
  • Provide support
  • Prevent further discomfort or strain
  • Promotes better blood circulation

It can start to work immediately, and can be used for 3-5 days before it will need to be removed and reapplied. We have a type of Rock Tape made for more sensitive skin, it is slightly less adhesive but can still easily last the 3-5 days needed. Because a pregnant belly can already by a little irritated by the skin stretching, if is best to listen to your body if you feel the need to take the tape off and let your skin rest before reapplying. It is best to take it off by getting it wet and then using coconut oil, which will also help to moisturize and relieve the skin from any irritation.

The Rock Tape can provide wonderful support without the hassle of a belly band, doesn’t need to be taken off when you lay down, and is thin and easy to conceal under clothing.

If you are having trouble with your ribs, back pain, catching your breath, aching or discomfort in your belly – Rock Tape is here for you!

Tips for applying

  • The tape can go over more tape, but make sure the ends are directly on skin to help it to stick best
  • It stretches and can curve, so slightly stretch and guide the tape as you apply it to get it going in the direction you need and prevent wrinkles in the tape
  • Measure it out, and then make it shorter by an inch or two, it will stretch some and you usually end up with extra
  • Round the corners so it doesn’t catch on clothing or peel off as easily

Here are a few photos (Some courtesy Sia Cooper from Diary of a Fit Mommy) of  for taping a pregnant belly, and you can easily search for them online and see what may feel best for you and the discomfort or support you need or are having.




Any of these can be easily done with additional tape along the low back and pelvis or hips to provide back support also.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Chard for your pregnancy and taping needs!

And here is Rock Tape’s guide to pregnancy taping.