I dare you to not sing the title of this blog in your head! The Holiday Season! Christmas pajamas! Merriment and joy! Sad bank accounts….family squabbles, icy roads, and stress….stress…STRESS!
This time of year can be a challenge for us chronically stressed out folks so here is some unsolicited advice from your local chiropractic office. Think of it as our rendition of “Dear Abby”, but more like “Abbi is just going to tell you what to do”:
  • Say “no” to things.  Stop for a moment and think “do I really want to do this”. It’s better to let someone know that you will get back to them, rather than commit to something you don’t want to do. You may have that nagging feeling that you are missing out, but I need you to trust me. If you have less scheduled than you can actually enjoy the events you go to without watching the clock to see when you need to leave for the next thing. The memories will be better, and you will feel better.
  • Treat yourself. Go do all the shopping for your family, prep the turkey, clean the house, string the lights and make sure every twig and branch is perfect, but don’t forget to do something for you! Plan it in amongst the crazy. Find a babysitter and get an hour or two for yourself to go get a massage (by the way, we have 2 massage therapists in EVERY DAY), grab a holiday drink and a book, or just take a nice nap by the fireplace. When you get a chance to recharge, your family and friends will love you more for it.
  • Take the stress out of gifting. For some, buying gifts or having more junk around your house stresses you out, which is why we have some FUN alternative gifting options. One idea is a gift exchange with family where you draw names and the gift is either an act of service or homemade. These gifts could be something like a date night/babysitting, oil changes, house cleaning/organizing, an organized family activity or outing, cooking meals, or a house project helper. We are doing less toys for my daughter this year, and instead are taking her to see a Cinderella play and a ballet (and the tickets were free from the library reading program!). Also, her and I are going to work on some small craft projects for her grandparents. You can also choose to give to others in need and take an afternoon to have a donating party! Get a few boxes and let everyone fill one with things to donate! Some great local shops to take your stuff are, Chase Me Again (2nd and Hood ave), My Fathers House (check out their website for hours and donation center location), and Veterans for America (click that link to schedule a pick-up!)
And well…when it comes to family, good luck!! I don’t know if any advice from me can really help with that special bond, and undo all the stress of the holidays has on families over the years.