Planning a spring break getaway? Or traveling on an action packed summer vacation? Here are some travel tips for your back so you can arrive at your destination ready for fun!

Wear the right shoes

Whether you are waiting in long airport security lines or exploring your destination, wearing comfortable and supportive footwear can make the entire trip more enjoyable. Think function over style for your main activities and pack accordingly. And if you really want to throw a nice pair in for your dinner out or the luau go ahead! Just be sure that the majority of your trip is spent in shoes that support your feet and fit properly so you are able to think about how much fun you are having instead of how badly your body feels.

Don’t over pack

It can be hard to know exactly what you will need on a trip, especially if you are traveling somewhere that has a climate you aren’t used to. Make lists, lay things out, pack days in advance, then look at your stuff and start eliminating the excess. Pick clothes and shoes that are versatile and only bring necessary toiletries and accessories. If you can, try to pack everything you need in a carry-on (YouTube and Pinterest are great resources for packing light tutorials).  When you are packing try to keep in mind that you have to tote around everything you bring, and you would be amazed at how well you can get by on very little. Lastly, be kind to your body and invest in a bag with wheels so you can put less strain on your back, shoulders and neck.

Keep it comfy

Whether you are traveling by airplane or car, having a small pillow for your neck or lumbar support can be very beneficial. A friend made my whole family these wonderful, small, dog bone shaped pillows for our 10-hour flight to the Netherlands. Needless to say, I used most of them. Small blankets or jackets can double as a pillow if needed, and when you arrive at your destination and you’re feeling stiff and sore, lay with the pillow or rolled up towel/blanket along your spine. The weight of your body and the slight give in the pillow make for a gentle way to decompress your spine and bring some relief to your body.

Stretch it out

Regardless of how you travel, it is important to take frequent breaks to rest or stretch. Our bodies don’t love being in a seated position for very long so stop at that next rest stop or take advantage of those awkward tiny aisles in airplanes. Even just a little bit of stretching or walking around can help get the blood flowing, stretching out those muscles to prevent cramping. I also recommend packing a tennis ball in your accessible carry-on. It’s light and takes up very little space and is a great way to work on sore muscles.


When we are travelling get out of our usual routine and it is easy to forget to drink water. The more hydrated you are, the more hydrated your muscles are. So pack that water bottle and fill it up regularly.

See your Chiropractor!

Probably the most important tip of all (*wink wink*). Schedule a pre and/or post trip visit to your chiropractor. Leave well adjusted, and when you come home from your lovely trip, we’ll help you adjust back to normal life.

Happy travels, and remember we are always here to help you prepare or recover from your trip!