Why take Vitamin D?

Well, first let’s start with living in the PCNW where we see usually more rain the sun. Vitamin D can be absorbed from the sun and the foods in your diet, and when you have a deficiency you can take supplements to boost that! It supports good bone development, muscle strength, your teeth, and helping your body process calcium and phosphorus. It often helps boost your mood, is a huge help with SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) and post-partum blues, and to boost your immune system.

How much do I need?

400-800 IU/day was very common, but a lot of studies and doctors are recommending higher amounts, closer to  1000-4000 IU/day or more to maintain good blood levels. Anything that may take a toll on your body, pregnancy, nursing, an injury etc. may deplete your levels and your doctor may encourage more.

Vitamin D Rich Foods

A lot of fish is rich in Vitamin D, salmon, cod liver (which you can get in pill form!), or swordfish for instance. Pork is another one that is high in vitamin D, A, and E. It also has great minerals like iron, potassium, zinc, and magnesium. Try leaner cuts like a tenderloin or lion chop to cut down on the fat, which can be bad for your heart or circulation. Eggs are another good source that is also a great protein source, mainly the yolks are what will help your vitamin D. And if you are not a meat eater, mushrooms are excellent for vitamin D!

Fun Facts!

Vitamin D comes from the UVB (ultraviolet-B) rays of the sun

The UVB rays cannot penetrate through glass, so sitting in your car or window for some “vitamin D” wont work

While sunscreen is good for your skin and preventing melanoma cancer, it can also block up to 98% of your vitamin D intake. Small amounts of time in the sun without sunscreen can be helpful still.

Vitamin D can be just as good for your bones as calcium!

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