What is Rock Tape?

Rock Tape is just one line of kinesiology tape but we have come to like it the best. First of all, the tape has some really fun designs. Who doesn’t love cow, tiger, rainbow or patriotic patterns? And that is just to name a few that we love. In case you’re still wondering why you would want or need to wear this cool tape, kinesiology tape is a stretchy tape that pulls back on itself. It turns down pain receptors, delays fatigue, normalizes muscle tone and distributes physical stress. Basically this leads to muscles that are able to move, with less pain, for a longer period of time.

Why We Love It!

Second, we like their approach of addressing movement. Unlike conventional white athletic tape (which still has its uses), Rock Tape moves with your body. It is stretchy so it moves with you. In fact they boast that their tape has more stretch than other competitive brands of kinesiology tape. They specifically engineered their tape to work under all athletic conditions including heat, sweat and swimming. They take their motto “Go stronger, longer” very literally.

Other Rock Products

Third, they are more than a tape company. They have awesome tools that improve movement and decrease pain. If you’ve stepped in our office at least twice you’ve likely heard us mention rolling and Rock Sauce.

Foam rolling and Rock Balls are a great way to work out fascial adhesions (see previous blog on fascia here) and increase pain free range of motion.

Rock Sauce and Rock Sauce Chill are topical analgesics that work wonders. Rock Sauce is a hot/cold analgesic that contains capsaicin and 10% menthol that work together to take care of the pain. Rock Sauce Chill has 6% menthol as well as arnica, green tea and aloe. They can be used in conjunction with the Rock Tape to make your own pain patches and the best part is they smell great!

Finally, we have personally used other brands of tape and we like the way this moves and feels and how well it sticks. Rock Sauce is an office favorite. If you walk in smelling wintergreen mint you will know that someone has applied Rock Sauce!

Ask Us!

If you would like to know if Rock Tape, Rock Balls and/or Rock Sauce would work for your aches and pains, feel free to ask us!