Winter has finally arrived in Oregon! And the biggest association with winter is cold and flu season. While I understand that your massage might be the one thing you looked forward to all week, if you are coming down with a bug I highly recommend that you reschedule it for when you feel better, and here’s why:

  1. It’s not good for you.

There is a false rumor that is circulated every year that getting a massage when you are sick will help you kick your sickness more quickly. While this would be wonderful, the reality is that getting a massage while sick will only make you feel worse. Massage increases circulation in the body and releases stored muscular waste into the blood stream, which means that your already overtaxed immune system is going to get a flood of extra crud that it has to try to evacuate, likely increasing all of your symptoms and make you feel worse. In addition, your symptoms or achiness, coughing, and stuffiness are not conducive to relaxation and will make it hard for you to be able to enjoy your massage.

  1. It’s not good for other patients.

Even though we clean our rooms thoroughly after each appointment, germs have a way of getting around, and we can’t clean every single surface in our entire office and our clothes after each patient leaves. Our office serves a lot of vulnerable populations, such as infants and the elderly, and while you may be able to handle your cold and flu, it could be devastating for them.

  1. Please don’t get me sick!

Call me selfish, but I hate getting sick. As your LMT I am stuck in the same room as you, breathing the same air as you for 30-120 minutes, so when you come in sick I am getting exposed to all those lovely germs and am more likely to get sick myself or pass them along to my next client. And no one likes having to take a sick day.

Since we’ve established that nobody benefits from getting massage when feeling ill, I hope that you will be kind to yourself and others during cold and flu season when you have a fever, persistent cold related cough (especially if it’s productive), vomiting or nausea, or some other communicable disease, and call us to let us know you need to reschedule for later