Licensed Massage Therapists

Lindsay Yemane, LMT

Lindsay Larson, Licensed Massage Therapist | Active Family ChiropracticLindsay has been receiving chiropractic treatments since 2000, and started working as a chiropractic assistant for Dr. Waggoner in 2009. She loved seeing that, through her “seek and destroy” massages and the Doctor’s adjustments, people would walk away feeling like a brand new person. After a year, her natural touch for massage began to spur her bosses and patients to encourage her to attend massage school. Then, after some time of encouragement she attended the massage program at University of Western States and became a Licensed Massage Therapist in May of 2012.

While in school, she did her clinical shifts at Gresham Integrative Care, Glendoveer Elder Place, and Compass Oncology. She loved helping the elderly, cancer patients receiving chemo or radiation and their families, and just the general population.  During this period of time, she was in two motor vehicle accidents, which has helped her empathize with people who have also been in accidents and know better how to attend to their needs for treatment. Lindsay is a great candidate for giving a deep tissue and therapeutic massage, with a calm and considerate attitude toward her patients.

In her spare time, Lindsay enjoys hanging with her fiancé, family, and close friends watching movies, playing games, singing, dancing, and going on adventures in the Northwest. She is very involved with her congregation, and loves learning more and more about the Bible. Lindsay was hit with the travel bug at a young age, and has since traveled to 49 states, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Greece, and Israel. She cannot wait to see more.


Rebecca Shadburne, LMT

Rebecca Shadburne, LMTRebecca has been a licensed massage therapist since 2012. She has always had an interest in massage and has a natural talent for finding knots and working them out. Rebecca got her start in bodywork after spending a year overseas at Capernwray Bible School, where she became known among the staff and students as “the massage guru”. After a year of giving multiple neck and shoulder massages a day she decided it was time to get some training so she could be more effective at relieving pain.

Rebecca trained in the medical massage program at University of Western States where she received 750 hours of training in anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, ethics and communication as well as in various forms of massage including relaxation, deep tissue, sports and rehabilitation massage, pregnancy massage and massage for cancer patients.  Since then, she has focused her continuing education on how to treat conditions of the head and neck, such as whiplash, headaches and TMJ dysfunction.

Rebecca is a native of Oregon and, when she isn’t at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, hanging out with friends and family, going on adventures, dancing and reading.


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